Why Is Filtered Tap Water The Only Water We Should Drink?

After considering the following information you may come to the conclusion that drinking filtered tap water is more of a necessity rather than an option. Lets see.
We have lived in an industrial water treatment companies age for centuries now and we should have learned the lesson that continued contamination of our water is foolhardy. We still have countless mills and factories throughout the world discharging pollutants from the manufacture of steel, pulp and defense industry products. Just to name a few.

water treatment chemicalWhen we learn that these pollutants can be substances like cyanide in residual form, we may wonder why with all the advances of our time, people can still be exposed to such things through their water supply.

Many of these industries are seemingly irreversibly linked to our water system. In what way? Chemical plants need to discharge any wastes produced from after any of the processes using water have been completed. Where does it go? At some point it will have to be re-introduced to the local water supply. Despite stringent regulations and thorough processing residues of the chemicals produced are often found in the water when tested.

What is said above is reason enough to only drink filtered tap water, but what follows most definitely should move us to at least consider it. Insecticides and pesticides are used in agriculture as well as in forestry. These chemicals are often applied using aerial spraying, herbicides can be used in the same way. Listed amongst the health risks attached to these substances are skin damage, reproductive and circulatory system problems. Run off from these chemicals used on crops such as soybeans and other vegetables end up in the water supply.

One of the best ways to have filtered tap water is by installing a home filtration system. Then no matter what is happening to the water supply, locally or nationally, within reason we can be sure that our water is contaminant free. Any system that filters out chlorine, lead, cysts (chlorine resistant parasites) and other contaminants such as mentioned above, but preserves the natural trace minerals has advantages that are worth giving more consideration. Nowhere on earth do we find water that is de-mineralised naturally. We should realize from this that we were not meant to have our water so excessively purified. In nature all fresh water contains traces of natural minerals like calcium. The body was designed to run on these nutrients which should be provided naturally wherever possible.